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Teeth Cleaning

Sometimes going to the dentist can seem like a hassle and it feels like cleaning your teeth at home may be the way to go. But, is this the best option? It might save you some time, but is it really worth it? This blog will help you figure out if going to the dentist is better for you than trying to clean your teeth at home.

teeth cleaning

At-home cleaning tools

If staying home is a priority to you, some at-home cleaning resources can help. In addition to the usual brushes, floss, and water picks, there are some other pieces of equipment that the normal person can buy.

One example is a plaque scraper. There are retail options for plaque scrapers, but many professionals advise against using it yourself. The removal of plaque is really important, but it should probably be done at a dentist’s office. This is because you can remove too much enamel and damage your teeth.

Other tools include mouth wash and tongue scrapers, which are very basic and can be safely used at home.

dental cleaning

Professional equipment

The biggest perk of going to the physical dentist office is access to professional equipment. If you have found a good dentist, they are going to have everything needed to get a really good, deep cleaning.

There will be equipment here that cannot be bought by the average person. Each cleaning station is equipped with thousands of dollars’ worth of top-notch tools and machines. This allows dentists to offer a much deeper cleaning than you can get with home tools.

Although it can be attractive to stay at home and do it yourself, taking the time to travel and go to the dentist will allow you to get a well-rounded cleaning experience thanks to the best equipment available.

Access to trained professionals

Another huge perk of going to the dentist is the access to professionals. If being a dentist was easy, there would be no need for them. However, these professionals go through years of extensive educational training to be prepared to work.

Yes, you might be able to get by from cleaning at home, but you won’t have access to trained professionals and their opinions. You can ask them questions and get professional opinions on whatever issue you may have.

Overall experience

Cleaning your teeth at home may be an okay alternative for a quick fix, but it will not benefit you like going to the dentist’s will. You probably do not have an educated professional at home that can point out issues, give advice, and carry out a proper cleaning.

There are pros and cons of both options, but to get the most out of the experience and do it right the first time, visit our dental office in Plymouth, Michigan. We review oral hygiene health, and proper brushing and flossing techniques.  Visit us for a complete dental care under one roof.  For questions please call us (734) 459-9360 or click here to contact us.