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What are clear aligners?

As technology in the world has evolved, ways to correctly align teeth and improve oral health is no exception. One recent advancement is the use clear aligners. Because this is a fairly new technology, you may not know what they are and how they work. Here is some valuable information about clear aligners such as Invisalign!

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners like Invisalign pose as an alternative to traditional braces. Anyone who has had metal braces know the struggles. These struggles are precisely what clear aligners are working to fix.


Some of the issues covered by clear aligners include:

  • Gaps
  • Crossbites
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Post-braces issues
  • Simple bite issues

A lot of these issues align with what traditional braces were first made to fix. Over time, having the proper clear aligner put into place, your teeth and jaw will slow be corrected. There is a big movement away from the clunky metal braces that were the only option for so long. Now, clear aligners are on the up and can fix an array of problems.

How do they work?

After getting x-rayed and having your orthodontist decide that having Invisalign is good for you, you will receive a custom clear aligner to cater to what you need. You will be assigned a treatment plan that will help you see the change as time goes on.

These plans are specific to every person and individualized to maximize results. Each clear aligner has a mouth life of roughly two weeks. Your orthodontist will give you a set of aligners that allows for easy replacement as time goes on.

Every few weeks, you will need to do some checkups with your orthodontist to make sure your progress is going well.

Clear Aligners benefits

There are a number of main benefits that come with using Invisalign. The first and biggest benefit is getting away from the traditional metal braces. These are super high maintenance and not appealing to the eye. With Invisalign, many people can’t even tell that the aligners are there. This is more aesthetically pleasing and will help your self-confidence.

Another huge perk is convenience. Because the aligners are cycled through every couple of weeks and you will be provided with 4-6 weeks’ worth of aligners at a time, you don’t need to visit the orthodontist as often. This helps you maintain a clear schedule and takes away a lot of the inconvenience of braces.

A big drawback of traditional braces is the comfort. You are constantly being poked and pricked by the metal wire and the braces themselves can be very uncomfortable. The Invisalign molds fit perfectly, take it very easy on your gums, teeth, and jaw.

Finally, the last huge perk of clear aligners is how easy it is to upkeep and maintain good oral health. The aligners themselves can be cleaned easily and quickly. You no longer have to struggle while flossing and brushing while trying to navigate the clunky braces.

Give your self a new reason to smile

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