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Everything you need to know about dental bridges 

Losing a tooth can have multiple consequences in your mouth and, thereby, in your life. However, although teeth loss is one of the most frequent conditions for the dentists, there are several ways to treat it.  Dental bridges are one of those solutions.  

What is a dental bridge? 

In a nutshell, a dental bridge is an artificial prosthetic element made to restore the lost function and aesthetics after teeth loss.   Unlike other types of prostheses, dental bridges are fixed to your teeth permanently. As a result, they are long-lasting and highly esthetical treatment alternatives.   

Another essential feature of dental bridges is that they use natural teeth or implants as anchors for the prosthesis. Using two elements like pillars, they can be designed to rehabilitate one or multiple teeth with one prosthesis. Therefore, these prostheses work as bridges connecting two or more anchor teeth to fill the empty spaces between them.  

Furthermore, dental bridges are made out of different materials, from ceramic to metallic elements. And they can be manufactured within or out of the dental office, depending on each case.  

When do I need dental bridges? 

Dental bridges are a frequent solution to restore missing teeth, whether it be from an accident, decay, fractures, gum disease, abscesses, or just teeth that never erupted.   And, although the indication of this type of prosthetic treatment depends on your dentist primarily, dental bridges are indicated in the following situations: 

  •  When you have lost one tooth, and the adjacent teeth are also affected, 
  • When you have lost multiple teeth and have neighbor teeth that are healthy enough to support them, and 
  • When you have lost several dental pieces in a row, and other options are not available.  

 Nevertheless, its indications depend on the professional team and the characteristics of each case. After an appropriate evaluation and planning, your dentist will determine what you need, provide some options, and trace the best way to do it.  

Why do I need a dental bridge? 

Dental bridges are crucial to maintaining the balance in your mouth and between your remaining healthy teeth. When you lose a tooth, the remanent pieces move around, trying to fill the space, causing bite troubles, crowding, speech difficulties, and other problems.   

Having a dental bridge with your dentist will allow you to eat, speak, and look like you have your natural teeth back. Whether it be over implants or above natural teeth, dental bridges provide one of the most aesthetic results in contemporary dentistry. 

What is the average cost for dental bridges? 

Making a dental bridge requires using various instruments, materials, and sometimes specialized equipment. Thereby, the average cost of this type of treatment usually goes between $300 and $1000 to replace one tooth. However, these prices can vary depending on the case’s complexity, the amount of tooth, and the materials used. Also, your budget can vary depending on the dental office in Ann arbor that you visit.  

However, dental bridges remain as some of the most affordable solutions to teeth loss. When compared to multiple dental implants, dental bridges price is significantly lower.   

Finally, remember that regaining your smile and filling those empty spaces can boost your confidence and improve your oral and general health. The solutions to your problems could be closer than you think.   Don’t neglect your treatment and visit best dentist in Ypsilanti. 

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